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At Ernest Cohen Rothschild, PLLC, we represent clients in the Dallas area and throughout Texas in a wide range of business law issues, including contract review, breach of contract, business formation, succession planning and more. Helping businesses since 2012, we have extensive experience counseling companies through regulatory, administrative, operational and litigation matters and will provide a thorough analysis of a business’ needs. Whether your company needs assistance negotiating a purchase agreement, guidance on picking the right corporate entity or representation in a shareholder dispute, our firm gives clients support and helps them make the best decisions for their businesses.

Accomplished law firm handles contract negotiation and litigation issues

Businesses rely on contracts to operate. Consequently, these documents must reflect the interests and goals of the parties and include measures that reasonably compel compliance. Texas recognizes both oral and written agreements, though some types of agreements must be in writing, and email signatures are given the same weight as physical signatures. Thus, both the form and content of an agreement must be considered. We understand the importance of contracts in your business and will provide a detailed review of existing agreements, as well as draft and develop new contracts.

Knowledgeable counselors provide reliable advice on your business practices

Running a successful business often starts with forming the corporate entity that is best for you. The most common are:

  • Corporations – Owned by shareholders, centralized management, limited liability
  • Limited liability companies – Combines features of corporations and partnerships, managed by members, flexible structures, favorable tax treatment
  • Partnerships – Formed by two or more partners, usually governed by a partnership agreement, no state-filing requirement. Risks include partners’ assets being reachable if the partnership has debts

Beyond the corporate form, there are also the issues of succession planning, how to structure buy/sell agreements and general business planning to support daily operations. We have extensive experience counseling businesses on best practices to facilitate better management and ownership control, which are significant concerns for many small businesses. We will use the knowledge to present all options and help guide you toward the best possible decision.

Responsive advocates manage your business litigation needs

Businesses must expect to encounter disputes and litigation can arise in many areas — employment, insurance and trade secrets, to name just a few. One type that is particularly disruptive is a shareholder dispute, which commonly occurs when minority shareholders in closely-held companies claim they are being oppressed by majority owners through unfair actions, such as the establishment of excessive salaries and failure to pay dividends. Our firm handles all these issues and will strive to take a strong stand in breach of contract matters, one of the most frequently litigated issues businesses face. We will fight on your behalf in any type of business litigation and offer you reassurance that you are supported in all phases of litigation.

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At Ernest Cohen Rothschild, PLLC, we represent companies in the Dallas area and throughout Texas in a wide range of business law matters. Call 214-225-0584 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation at my Dallas office.

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